La Bodegiuta del Medio, CBD

The other week my dad sent me a text asking me whether I’d been to La Bodegiuta del Medio and telling my to check out their website. Actually, I had been there. I went there one day for a work lunch.  Seeing as my lunch there had been really good, I accepted my dad’s invitation to meet there one day for lunch.

La Bodegiuta del Medio is a Cuban restaurant opposite the QVB in the city. It’s one of those awesome restaurants that really pay attention to detail when it comes to decorating.  The restaurant is a big open space with polished timber floors and furniture, leather-lined booths, references to Che Guevara and Hemmingway and exposed brick walls covered in photographs.

When you’re inside you really feel like you’re in another place. Cuba, to be precise.




Seeing as we were both on our lunch breaks, we thought it was probably wise to steer clear of the Mojitos and other alcoholic beverages and instead we each ordered a Nojito. NO-jito. Get it?!

I love puns.

Our Nojitos were made with cloudy apple juice, ginger beer and fresh mint. And ice, obviously.  This drink was so tasty and so refreshing I can see myself making it all summer long.



For lunch, Dad ordered the Paella Criolla ($19) – paella with octopus, tiger prawn and spicy chorizo.

I didn’t sample his lunch, but when I asked him he told me it was very good. It sure looked good.



Last time I came here I ordered the Pan Cubano ($17) – a sandwich consisting of roasted porkbelly and mozzarella served on Cuban bread with a side of sweet potato chips (crisps not fries).  Whilst it was delicious I had serious food envy of one of my colleagues who ordered the “Cerdo asado con naranja ácida” ($18).  AKA “sour orange braised roast pork with black bean puree and minted potatoes”.

So, that’s what I ordered this time.

The serving was very generous and very flavoursome. My only gripe was that it was salty. Very, very salty. The black bean puree, for example, didn’t really taste like anything except salt, which is disappointing given my love affair with all things black bean. Nevertheless, the pork was cooked perfectly as were the potatoes and overall I quite enjoyed it.


I’d be curious to find out what La Bodegiuta del Medio is like at night time.  It’d probably be a great place to come for a couple of cocktails and listen to live music.   According to their website, La Bodegiuta del Medio have their own band “Lorenzo y su Swing band” who play Cuban and Latin American music every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening.

Would I go back? Eventually.

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