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Breakfast at Kepos Street Kitchen

So I’ve been struggling quite significantly with technology lately and today I managed to post this review before it was finished. When it was nothing but un-formatted images and a grammatically incorrect heading.  Not good news at all for a semi-perfectionist.

So, here I am, attempt number two.

Kepos Street Kitchen.

I’d been reading good reviews on other blogs about Kepos Street Kitchen and after another recommendation from my mum’s colleague, Boyfriend and I decided to go to Kepos Street Kitchen (Redfern) for breakfast.

We arrive and the cafe, a building on the corner of Kepos Street and Phillip St, is bustling with people. We’re told it’ll be a fifteen to twenty minute wait for a table but fortunately it was a lot quicker than that.  We’re seated within ten and we’re already ready to order.

Of course we start with the usual double shot lattes.  The coffee, sourced from The Grounds at Alexandria, was really, really good.  A perfect combination of bitter and creamy.


Boyfriend, a big fan of salmon, was umming and ahhing between the two different salmon dishes on the menu.    He opted for the “wood fired smoked salmon salad, olives, kipfler potatoes, soft boiled egg, za’atar” ($18).

Boyfriend enjoyed his breakfast, telling me that the salmon was really well smoked.  His one gripe was that it was all cold (even the eggs) and he would have preferred it to be warm.



I could not go past “dad’s favorite breaky – falafel, hummus, labneh, dukkah, hardboiled egg, tomato salad, schiacciata bread” ($16).   Save for the eggs (and toast), these aren’t things I’d normally eat for breakfast but I loved every bite of it.

Everything about this dish was so tasty, it’s really hard to pinpoint an standout.  The falafels were delicious, perfectly flavoured and not at all dry.  The hummus and labneh were some of the best I’ve had, and everything eaten together was just exceptional. If you’re a fan of dukkah you’ll be pleased to know there was no shortage of it on this dish anywhere.

The serving was extremely generous and even with Boyfriend helping me, I couldn’t finish my breakfast.






Did we think that Kepos Street Kitchen was worth the visit? We definitely did.  It was delicious, generous and pretty reasonably priced.  And the coffee was great.

Would I go back? Definitely. There are still several items on the breakfast menu I want to try.

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