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Paul’s Famous Hamburgers, Sylvania

Paul’s Famous Hamburgers, Sylvania

Paul’s Famous Hamburgers of Sylvania is a place Boyfriend and I have been meaning to try for literally years. We’ve heard plenty of good things about it over the years and have always intended on checking it out. We FINALLY got our act together and made the drive over one sunny, windy Saturday a couple of weeks ago.

Paul’s, which serves true blue Aussie-style burgers, has been in operation for over fifty years. Given that, despite all these years, on this particular Saturday the line went right out the door, it’s clear that what they’re doing is working.

Their formula is straightforward. Both the interior and the burgers are simple, no-frills. The burgers are inexpensive (starting at $6.50 and all under $10) and filled with fresh, good quality ingredients. Hot chips and milkshakes also feature on the menu, along with their signature drink, “The Pineapple Crush”.


We made it in easy enough, with a slight trip around the block after missing the narrow turn off. We joined the line and peered up at the board trying to decide what to get.

Our order was taken while we were in the line, so by the time we reached the counter to pay our burgers were ready to go. Talk about efficient.

There were no tables left by the time we got our food, so we took it down to the waters’ edge, just a short walk from Paul’s.


We sat down (me determined not to be deterred by my arch-enemies (the seagulls)) with our burgers wrapped in paper, and our side of hot chips covered in chicken salt. (Mmmm chicken salt.)


I had the plain burger with bonus pineapple, beetroot, caramelised onion and barbecue sauce.


Boyfriend ordered his with pineapple, bacon, cheese and barbecue sauce.


We both agreed that as far as old school Aussie burgers go these ones were delicious. With their soft buns and generous, fresh ingredients they were tasty and very filling. I couldn’t manage to finish mine and that’s saying a lot.

We really enjoyed our trip out to Paul’s, our burgers and spending some time by the water in the sunshine.

Paul’s Famous Hamburgers is definitely worth adding to your foodie bucket list, if not for the burgers themselves but for the overall iconic Sydney experience.

Would we go again? Sure would.

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