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Caramelised Fennel and Goats Cheese Frittata

Caramelised Fennel and Goats Cheese Frittata

One thing Boyfriend and I are struggling with, living just the two of us, is buying the right amount of food. We somehow always manage to end up with not enough or too much and the fresh produce we look forward to eating has expired before we get the chance. The other week, for example, we were left with seven eggs due to expire within a matter of days. “What can we do with all these eggs?” Boyfriend asked. I HATE wasting food so tried to think quickly. A cake? No time. Flan? Ew. Boil a whole bunch to take for lunch? Not ideal.Β Then it was obvious. Frittata! Not only a super quick and easy dish to make for breakfast, lunch or dinner, but super delicious. Already armed with an array of fresh vegetables, we had everything we needed. And so, we went off to work looking forward to dinner.

That evening we made the most delicious frittata – a Caramelised Fennel and Goats Cheese Frittata, jam-packed with a whole bunch of green vegetables. It took barely any time – probably twenty minutes at best, made very little mess (one knife, one chopping board, and one pan), filled us right up and tasted amazing.


Here’s what we did:


Frittata 3

We served ours with a side salad. This was more than enough for the two of us – with some leftover for lunch the next day.


Would we make it again? Definitely.


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