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Dark Chocolate Bark with Rose Petals, Sea Salt & Almonds

Dark Chocolate Bark with Rose Petals, Sea Salt & Almonds

If there’s one thing I’ve never used in the kitchen before, it’s edible flowers. When I was sent a packet of rose petals in a package from The Spice People (the best kind of parcel to receive), I started wondering what I could do with them. A few Google searches led me to chocolate bark. This is something I’ve always wanted to make but have never got around to. Chocolate bark looks so pretty, is really simple and makes a great gift (Mother’s Day is around the corner, people).

After looking at a whole bunch of chocolate bark recipes, I decided I’d use my rose petals along with dark chocolate, chopped almonds and a sprinkling of sea salt. I was expecting it to be good, but I didn’t expect it to be as delicious as it turned out. The subtle flavour of the rose petals, the salt contrasted with the sweetness of the chocolate, and the light crunch of the almonds all work together to make this incredibly moreish.

DSC03946 Here’s what I did…


  • Good quality dark chocolate. My local Woolworths was low on cooking chocolate for some reason, so I used a packet of Old Gold and some dark Cadbury cooking chocolate. How much depends on how much you intend on making. As a guide, two packets made a whole baking tray for me.
  • 1 packet of rose petals (I used these ones from The Spice People) – approximately 5 grams
  • About a tablespoon of chopped almonds (give or take)
  • 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt (or more, if you like)



The first step is to melt the chocolate. You can either do this using a bain-marie or make like me and take the easy (read: lazy) route – the microwave. I heated up my bowl of chocolate for a minute, then stirred vigorously, heated it for another 40 seconds, stirred again and it was pretty much done. Depending on the chocolate you’re using, you might need longer.

Then, pour your chocolate out onto a baking tray that you’ve lined with baking paper. It should be a fairly thin layer, and don’t worry if it’s uneven or messy looking. Personally, I think the messier the better – it’s more rustic that way.

Once you’re happy with your chocolate layer, spread over your almonds and then your rose petals, making sure everything is gently pressed into the chocolate. Sprinkle your sea salt over the top, then leave in the fridge to set.


DSC03932 Once your chocolate has hardened, break or chop it into to uneven pieces.

That’s it! So easy, so pretty and so delicious.

DSC03942 DSC03944

Would I make this again? Definitely, and I can’t wait to try different flavours.

I also have hibiscus petals to try next. Stay tuned…

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