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A Very Foodie Wedding: Part I

A Very Foodie Wedding: Part I

So, it’s been a really long while since a whole lot happened over here on All You Do Is Eat. This is why:

  • B and I absconded overseas to say I DO at a small, family-only ceremony at B’s aunty’s house in Delray, Florida (Foodie Wedding Part I).
  • B and I then travelled for a few weeks across six different countries where we ate more food than either of us could handle.
  • We then came home and promptly resumed work and planning a post-wedding reception/party with our extended family and friends (Foodie Wedding Part II).
  • Straight after (literally straight after) said party I got sick, landed in hospital and then at home on the couch for a week.

Now, I’m on the mend with more free time up my sleeve (ha) to tell you all about it. Over the next few weeks expect to see the highlights of all the restaurants, cafes and eating experiences B and I had overseas. And perhaps even some new recipes thrown in for good measure now that we are back to cooking our own meals.

But for now, I wanted to give a big shout out to the American vendors who made our wedding so perfect – and delicious. We chose mostly small, local businesses and they blew us away on all accounts. It’s never easy planning an event from a distance but these guys made the endless hours of searching and emailing worth it and we are so glad to have found every single one of them.

Our DIY Welcome Bags that included a sizable box of Florida-themed snacks
Photo by Finding Light Photography

Meals by Chef B

First of all, huge props to the incredible Chef B, AKA Chef Bryan Williams, who catered not only our rehearsal barbecue but also our farewell brunch. Obviously, food is such a massive part of our lives and our relationship, and we wanted to thank our families for indulging us and trekking all the way to Florida the best way we know how – a delicious meal.

In particular, we wanted to treat everyone to an American BBQ-style dinner the Friday night before our wedding and a buffet-style brunch the morning after. Finding a caterer that met these briefs turned out to be a lot more difficult than I thought. After several months of relentless searching, I finally found Chef B via Thumbtack. Right from the get go I knew we were in the right hands. In fact, I was so impressed with the menu Chef B presented for our BBQ and how great he seemed over email that I immediately stopped looking for a brunch caterer and hired him for that too.

Chef B’s Rehearsal BBQ

Originally from North Carolina, Chef B knows all about barbecuing to perfection. This is one of the reasons we hired him, and it’s exactly what he delivered.

Our foodie wedding weekend kicked off with a huge feast:

Everything was phenomenal. Everything. My mouth is watering at the memory. The portions were very generous (so many leftovers for lunch for the rest of the weekend) and it all tasted so, so good. My only complaint is that someone polished off the leftover Mac N Cheese before I could get to it.

Chef B’s Farewell Brunch Buffet

Sadly, I don’t have any photos of the brunch but this was the menu:

And I can attest that everything was amazing and tasted even better than we were hoping.

So, if you’re ever looking for a caterer in the South Florida region, I highly HIGHLY recommend Chef B.

Silver Sac Catering

Next up, a big shout out to the team at Silver Sac Catering. They blew our minds with their phenomenal canapes and dinner on our actual wedding night.

After months of liaising with the lovely Karin, B and I selected a menu that we were really excited about. When the day came, we weren’t disappointed with anything. Every dish exceeded our expectations. Unfortunately no snaps of the entrees or mains (or appetizers and entrees as they say in the USA) but I do have some of the stunning canapes thanks to our photographer (more on her later!).

Silver Sac Canapes

Peking duck in scallion crepe with hoisin | Photo by Finding Light Photography
Maine Lobster Salad with Citrus in Petite Savoury Cone | Photo by Finding Light Photography
Mini Fish Tacos with Avocado Aioli, Pico de Gallo and Mache in Lime Holders
Photo by Finding Light Photography
Sea Scallops Seared in Truffle Butter with Lemon Zest
Photo by Finding Light Photography

Amazing right? These have to be the most beautifully presented canapes I’ve ever seen.

In addition to these canapes, we also had:

  • Thai chicken on lemongrass skewers with a spicy peanut sauce
  • Wild mushroom, caramelised onion and chevre quesadillas
  • Pan-seared chicken dumplings with ginger-scallion sauce
  • Philly cheese steak spring rolls

The servings were very generous and we had more than enough to go around. Pretty sure I ate five of those mini tacos.

Silver Sac Entrees

For entree, we opted for three different shared-style platters that included:

  • Buffalo mozzarella, prosciutto and heirloom tomato salad
  • Maine lobster cakes with frizzled leek
  • Asparagus and beet salad with pistachio-crusted goat cheese and fresh tarragon vinaigrette

It’s really hard to pick a favourite out of these – they were all amazing too.

Silver Sac Mains

Our mains were plated individually and everyone got the same: herb-crusted filet mignon and grilled prawns on a sugar cane skewer with haricot verts and rainbow baby carrot bundles and fingerling potatoes, split and roast with fresh herbs and EVOO. Again – amazing.

The Silver Sac team were so polished and the food was probably the fanciest I’ve ever eaten at a private event.

P.S. How good did our DIY table setting look? We have a very talented aunty and mums in our family. Shout out to them too!

Photo by Finding Light Photography

Chic and Sweet Artisan Cakes

Then, because no wedding is complete without some sort of cake, we followed our delicious dinner with this amazing three-tiered, semi-naked masterpiece from Chic and Sweet Artisan Cakes. The enormously talented Carissa delivered a cake that not only exceeded our expectations in terms of its appearance, but tasted so damn good.

You know those wedding cakes that taste like they were baked on Monday – because they were baked on Monday? I.e. dry, bland, covered in a thick layer of fondant and just all-round not great? This was absolutely not one of those cakes. This cake was so moist and full of flavour. We were beyond thrilled that there were leftovers to enjoy the day after too.

Plus, how darn pretty does it look?

caramel drip wedding cake
Photo by Finding Light Photography

If you’re wondering about the flavours, it went like this:

  • The top and bottom tiers were: chocolate cake layered with chocolate mousse and gianduja ganache
  • The middle tier was: brown sugar spice cake layered with vanilla cream and salted caramel

Then, the whole cake was covered in vanilla icing and finished off with a caramel drip.

This is what it looked like inside (served with a tuile berry basket thanks to Silver Sac):

Foodie Wedding Cake

Seriously delicious, I can’t rave enough.

Port + Palm Co

A non-food-related vendor who needs three (or more) cheers is the very talented Jenny and her team from Port + Palm Co who did such an amazing job with our florals. I spent a lot of time looking for a florist that a. was happy to work on a small wedding, and b. suited our tastes. I wanted something simple but rustic and beautiful, which, surprisingly, was really hard to come by. Finally, I found Port + Palm Co and I knew the moment I saw their website that we had to have them.

Port + Palm Co are a husband-and-wife team from South Florida and they are so good at what they do. The arrangements they put together for us were even better than I’d hoped for. The team was also so great at adapting to our rainy day backup plan when the clouds decided to stay open for most of the day. Good old Florida weather.

Port + Palm Co put together an incredible arbor (which somehow managed to be a perfect match for the room we moved the ceremony into) as well as stunning bouquets for me and my Maid of Honour, boutonnieres for the boys, mini bud vases for our dinner table and even some bonus blooms for the signing table.

Seriously, how good does everything look?

Photo by Finding Light Photography
Photo by Finding Light Photography

Finding Light Photography

And last but definitely not least, a ginormous thank you to Finding Light Photography. A bunch of the photos you see here in this post (namely, the non-watermarked ones) are the work of Chelsea, a damn fine photographer and a ray of sunshine we were so lucky to have found. Again, I spent a lot of time looking for someone who ticked all our boxes. In particular, I wanted a photographer who would capitalise on natural light and create light, bright and happy photos that celebrated this special time in our lives. This is something Chelsea is really, really good at and I knew right away we’d made the right decision.

Chelsea did such a great job at capturing the day and also making two photo-awkward people comfortable in front of the camera. Even in the dreary weather, Chelsea managed to make the most of the light we had and create stunning photos that we are going to cherish forever.

Photo by Finding Light Photography

So, there you have it. That’s part one of our foodie wedding. We would absolutely recommend every single vendor you see here in this post. And, if we had to do it all over again I wouldn’t change a thing.

Stayed tuned for part two – our Sydney reception with our extended family and friends, and a whole lotta food.

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