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How to Save Money Eating Out with Liven

How to Save Money Eating Out with Liven

If you love food and you love bargains, which – if you ask anyone – is basically my whole life, you’re going to love the Liven app. Liven is a brand new app that gives you a percentage of your bill back to use at the next restaurant you go to. It’s usually 25% but can be as high as 50.

I was invited to give it a try recently and was really impressed with how it worked out. Of course, it’s early days and Liven are still in the process of collecting restaurants to add to their offering, but it’s an easy way to pay for your meal – and reward your future self.

We road-tested the Liven app at The Ohbar Thai 1982, which – side note – was really delicious. Tucked away just outside Hyde Park on Liverpool Street, The Ohbar served up some of the better Thai food we’ve had in Sydney in a while. Here’s a few of the dishes we tried:

Ohbar Thai Prawn and Betel Leaf
Prawn and Betal Leaf with cashews and caviar

Prawn on betel leaves are one of my favourite Thai entrees and this one was really, really good.

Ohbar Thai Pork Skewers
Pork Skewers

This was another delicious entree of pork skewers, served with a very moreish sauce.

Ohbar Thai Red Duck Curry
Red Duck Curry

We had this incredible red duck curry as one of our mains. I could have drunk the sauce it was that good. We also had a classic Pad Thai, which I didn’t get a very good photo of.


So, how does Liven work?

Step 1: Download the Liven App

Liven is compatible on Android and iOS, and I’m going to give you all the benefit of the doubt that you know how to find and download an app in the Android and Apple stores. It’s 2017, please.

Step 2: Create a Liven Account

You’ll need to add your credit card details, but Liven doesn’t charge you anything until your first purchase, where it will take the cost of the bill.

Step 3: Choose a restaurant

Select your city (currently Sydney and Melbourne only), then scroll through all the options Liven has on offer. Unfortunately Liven doesn’t offer a booking facility which would make it even easier, so for now you’ll have to book whichever way you normally would.

Liven App Sydney Restaurants

Step 4: Enjoy your meal

This part is important.

Step 5: Request your bill through Liven

While we were eating at The Ohbar I had a mild panic thinking I didn’t actually know how payment was going to work. But turns out, it’s really easy. All you need to do is hit ‘REQUEST BILL’ through the Liven app and the restaurant staff will take care of the rest. Fear not receipt collectors – you’ll also be given a paper receipt from the restaurant.

Ohbar Thai on the Liven App

Step 6: Enjoy a discount next time you use Liven – or donate to charity

You’ll automatically receive 25% of your bill back, which will sit in your Liven account to use the next time you eat at a Liven-friendly restaurant. Or, you have the option of donating this money to a charity.

Liven app


So that’s it – super easy and your future self will thank you profusely.

Would I use Liven again?

Most definitely. Who doesn’t love a discount on dinner?

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