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Breakfast at Duck and Waffle London

Breakfast at Duck and Waffle London

I’m going to be completely honest – when we showed up at Duck and Waffle London, it was nothing at all like I was expecting. I guess I jumped to conclusions after hearing the name and had not done research other than flip through TOAST HASH ROAST MASH the cookbook by Duck and Waffle’s Chef Director, Dan Doherty. What was I expecting? Somewhere cheerful and super casual (the name does say waffles after all). What did I get? The poshest breakfast I’ve ever had in my life. Not that I’m complaining. At all.

Duck and Waffle is situated at the top of Heron Tower in the heart of London. We were greeted by a concierge at entry level, and then sent up in a glass elevator with the most incredible views over London. If you’re afraid of heights, this lift is absolutely not for you.

Lift at Duck and Waffle London

View from the lift at Duck and Waffle
View from the lift at Duck and Waffle

Upstairs, the restaurant capitalises on the views and is decked out with luxe décor and very cool art and lighting installations.

Lights at Duck and Waffle London

Art at Duck and Waffle

Table with a view Duck and Waffle

Even on a grey day, the atmosphere in the restaurant is amazing.

We were taken to our table and realised that, once again, our layers of clothing were slightly out of place. Everyone around us was an important looking businessperson in a fancy suit. Oh well, we were here for the food.

And the food. It. Was. Incredible.

What we ate at Duck and Waffle London

The menu was incredibly hard to choose from. We started with coffees (double shot flat whites, as per usual):

Coffee at Duck and Waffle London

And also treated ourselves to a freshly squeezed orange juice. I say treated because this tiny glass cost five pounds fifty pence.

Orange juice at Duck and Waffle

To eat, we decided we really need to order something ‘duck’ and/or ‘waffle’ but couldn’t go past the house breakfast which consisted of: “Lincolnshire sausage, two eggs – any style, dry cured bacon, grilled tomato, mushroom, hash brown, Scottish black pudding, Cheddar & buttermilk scone”.

Full English Breakfast at Duck and Waffle

Full English Breakfast at Duck and Waffle

And, because we’re in England, we ordered an extra side of spicy baked beans.

Spicy Baked Beans at Duck and Waffle

It was all so, so delicious. The most upmarket Full English Breakfast ever, but every bite was incredible.

Fear not – we did, at least, tick the duck box with our second dish which was: “Duck egg en cocotte” – which was a very fancy baked egg dish featuring “wild mushrooms, Gruyère, truffle, soldiers”.

Breakfast at Duck and Waffle

It was as rich and decadent and delicious as it sounds. In the best way possible. I’ve always been a fan of egg and toast soldiers but this was next level. We’re talking dipping impeccably formed, crunchy toast soldiers into a cheesy, truffly, flavoursome pan of perfection.

Toast soldiers at Duck and Waffle

Toast soldiers at Duck and Waffle

So, although we did not indeed try the waffles at Duck and Waffle London, I have absolutely no regrets. This breakfast was an absolute highlight – from the view to the incredible food to the world’s most expensive glass of orange juice. It was worth every inch of the giant breakfast-shaped hole burnt into our pockets.

Would we go again? Next time we’re in London, for sure.

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